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Ni sisi mnasema hatujaandika for this long?

It has been a longtime since we interacted. Memes, GIFs, and Trends have come and gone, but Brand Strategy foundations are still the same. The world of marketing and communications changes like the weather and if you are not careful, you will be blown away literally when caught standing on this fast lane. Traditional marketing has met with digital marketing, and the field is as lively as we Brand lovers dream of!


This was the most popular meme last week and some companies hit it spot-on to their core values, while others blundered themselves through the razzmatazz. We are having awesome adverts on telly this first quarter, and some which make one squirm as it passes by. Awesome local and international shows have come through, in both theatre and movies. Songs have been made which make you laugh, or cry. We will discuss anything that is something in our daily life because you know what? Your life is a brand, and is surrounded by brands….and that is why we love this BrandLyf to the fullest…sisi tuko ndani…ndani…. ndaaani…! We love this Country, our Brands, our People, and our life. We will discuss country brand, corporate brand, personal brand, and whatever makes us passionate, as Brand Strategy is supposed to!

We were quite shocked to find ourselves labelled as Millennial, is there really an exact definition, and does it really matter? Most products coming out are for this bracket, and why not? They comprise over 51% of the population. Some companies are pulling it so well, makes us wish we are the intended client. BOYB Tv Show hats off to you, we learn so much from each show, even us who linger on the periphery of your target audience. We all have our opinions on these topics, and that is the beauty of freedom of expression. Unemployment is only gonna go down through such initiatives. Like someone said, the government job is to create the environment, for the private sector to thrive and solve this giant load on our backs. Lions’ den had a different strategy, still effective in getting both sides benefit from such a partnership. We will discuss these powerful brand initiatives as we walk through this BrandLyf lane.

Has anyone noticed the 90’s is back! Shows, events, personalities that we looked up to when growing up can now be observed by hindsight lenses and understood. They look like fiction now, the likes of Pablo Escobar’s, OJ Simpson’s Series and The New Edition Story, to name but just a few. Tupac Shakur’s movie is out soon also. A quick question, where are our Kenyan stories? Who is writing, and producing such Brand Kenya memories that those who are not there will get to experience them in books, and hopefully plays and movies? We would love to see Wangari Maathai’s biography as a movie. She is a Legend in this world, and our next generation needs to made aware that she changed the world in her own way; by standing firm for her beliefs. The 60’s was a time of upheaval, and movies like Hidden Figures remind us how ladies succeeded in the weirdest environments, and shone for their talents. The likes of Jackie, Selma gave us glimpses of the lives of people who changed the world at certain points in time. We have our Kenyan stories, and we need to tell them. How will our generation be remembered?

We pray that the Arts are given the importance they deserve, as this is where the majority of youth will get opportunities for a livelihood. The informal sector is huge, through guys hustling in one way or another in crafts that they are good at. The sciences really come through for us. To have the best doctors, engineers, scientists on one side changing the world, and musicians, sports people, poets showing you the soul of the world, in its beauty and horror; giving you memories that take you back to a certain period of your life, when that is all that you have to cling to at certain periods of time. That is the best cocktail of professionals we should claim, and let us learn to love our own. We shall go through Unemployment, and how we can relate industries to this issue; as we inform, look for solutions and brand the SME sector holders to optimize their talents.

It is encouraging that we have 8 full buses going to Uganda over this weekend to support our biggest Brand Ambassadors, the athletes. Harambee Stars is playing at Machakos a friendly match against Uganda. That is local sports tourism right there. What are we doing to optimize such events and package them to have long-term effects? Kabaddii is in Mauritius representing us after a tale to tell of begging for funds. We will engage in Sports Branding, and how we can raise our brands to the levels they so deserve.

Do you have a squad? We will discuss the best social and brand squads we would love to have. An awesome social brand squad is like that of Billy Graham, with his two best friends, over 50 years of friendship…through life in its way as it always is. We will engage in such personal brands, and what they have taught us. We need Kenyan stories to tell too, we will get them and celebrate them.

We have touched on a lot of stuff today, but we will sift through topical issues as we wind down with the first quarter of this year. Have you met your personal KPIs by the way? Analyze yourself and begin again later in April after Fools’ Day…au sio?

Remember at the end of the day…. all these topics are through Brand Strategists’ eyes…. let us engage…learn…laugh…and impact our generations. We are Wale Wasee that make your dreams actualize, because we walk through them together, and provide the best brains to implement and change Brands. Let’s do this thing…


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Who is a True Kenyan?

I watched the recent documentary on Conjestina Achieng’ and felt a twinge of despair at her plight. It is a real shame for our collective conscience as Kenyans, to let one of our celebrated heroines wallow in a world of dire poverty, helplessness and ill-health. What happened to our collective pride of being our brother’s keeper, the African way? This is just but a reflection of the unenviable position our moral compass has declined to. I will not mention the alarming spate of strikes that has ambushed our daily lives, the forgotten children and patients who are most affected by the standoff between the powers that be. I choose to focus on the HOPE that we sorely need, that which makes us wake up every morning with the belief that things will get better.

Bleed Black, White, Red, and Green…

The strength of a society is defined by how it defines its weakest members. How have as Kenyans treated those who are weaker than us? Our true character is mostly revealed in the ever-present traffic, where might is right, and everyone is a Schumacher in their quest to outdo the other to get to a non-existent destination. I believe the National Values of Kenya as defined by Article 10 of the Constitution still ring true. To refresh your memory on Civics, these values include Patriotism, Human Dignity, Good governance, and Sustainable Development. I strongly believe the youth of this country are conscious of the immense potential within them, and are aware of the huge responsibility that awaits them in actualizing Vision 2030. The great infrastructural developments taking place in the country are to be commended, but this is purely hardware. The software that will propel this Vision is ingrained in our collective consciousness. Integrity, morality call it what you may, is the software that will drive the dreams of the nation.

I challenge each and every one to introspect themselves, search deep within ourselves and pose this hard-hitting question, am I a true Kenyan? Am I living the dream I would desire for my future generation? Then, and only then , can we learn to accord those who have bled for this country, the respect and gratitude they deserve for serving and representing the black, white, red and green that reflect our values. It is only then that we will realize that Leadership is not a position, but a responsibility. We would conduct ourselves with decorum that is due to the offices that we occupy. The likes of Joe Kadenge would not have to languish in need, after exemplary service to our nation. We would then not be required to pull them out of the woodwork during festivities to showcase them, then promptly forget about them the second the event ends. I dream of a Kenya that will embrace its heroes, both known and unknown, do you?

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