The Unemployment Brand…and Dream Brand

How many of you have seen the stories of the youth holding placards by roadsides pleading for work? Or the guy who was found at Uhuru Park all disheveled by life as we know it, and only his alumni came to sort him out. Did it gnaw at your conscience at how deep we are at unemployment? These examples are but a tip of the iceberg. So many people have not been so lucky to have received their dues through the public eye. As we await the political sector to sort itself out, will we keep on complaining? Times are so harsh, that even the superheroes are out of work.


The Vision 2030 secretariat had a high-end meeting last week with Dr. Victor Koh to explain to us how Singapore managed to transform itself in a generation. How many of us know the role we play in this vision?  We are 13 years away from its intended completion and maybe, just maybe you should be aware of what are the KPIs at your level.

Side hustles abroad are the real hustle that have opened up industries. The wealthiest men, and women on this planet list came out a few weeks ago on Forbes. Check out among the top 10, people who stepped out to follow their dreams, and create hundreds of jobs. The environment was right, and they had to have grit to persevere so that their dreams would convert to visions; which through actions became realities.

Remembering the age bracket breakdown story, unemployment rains in all stages. From the boomers who are now facing retirement and are unsure about where to go to next; to the X generation whose career progress seems to be fading, as digital disruption does its thing in different industries. The XY generation is also being caught flatfoot by the speed life is hitting them, and expenses swelling with the job security they thought they had now looking like a looming executioner. Then we get to the millennials, YOLOing amidst all this, but also under threats even before they realize their dreams.

We are rumbling about this because too much talk has taken place, with very little walk to step up to the plate. The informal sector like we said carries a huge number who decided they will do whatever it takes to live. The only way we can get through this time in our generation is partnership as much as possible. Hook up with someone you know is good at what they do, and reciprocate by giving out your strength as well. They symbiosis garnered would assist in shortening the growth curve, and perfecting one’s strengths, while minimizing their weakness. The SWOT analysis comes in handy, as even opportunities and threats can be met better through teamwork.

The IPs story is also a bit scary, how your dreams can be taken under your nose. The funny thing about this life is that your dream can be imitated but never duplicated; because there is that stamp of your uniqueness that cannot be replicated. You remember the days someone dubbed your assignment, and failed to change even your name, just presenting it as it was? Not putting in the sweat does that.

Mentorship to the current and the next generation in your field will not make you shine less. If anything you will be held in higher admiration, as they will have stood on your shoulders to reach as far as they envisioned.

To all those who are hustling, live your dream by being strategic about it. Write it down, break it to manageable pieces, and use what you have to get what you want. There is nothing that tastes better than you own sweat. Hustle the right way and believe you me every cent you worked for will be accounted for, as you know the pain.

Surround yourself with thinkers who visualize like you, because dream killers also exist. Use the same strength to be positive that is spent on tearing down others. Applaud those you see succeeding, as their lane is not yours. Invest in the pavement of your lane. Be so busy working on your craft, that you do not notice other factors which do not add to it.

Put on blinkers, you may hear the footsteps approaching, but you are focused on your race. You know your SWOT analysis and those are the variables you need to take care of.  Some you can manage others depend on the weather; just make sure you are at the top of your own self that the unmanageable do not destabilize you. This is what we call personal branding. Be so good at being you, it would still be desirable to be you in another life.

We are living in a time where so much knowledge is accessible through technology, but less wisdom applied to these outlets. Let us stand up for what is right and restore the faith that seems to be lost. For that which is unseen, but to behave as if it exists. There might be so much despair about unemployment, but let us be the creators, managers, leaders of dealing with it in our areas of influence.

Look at how our sports people did us proud in athletics, golf and football over the weekend. Sweat was literally put on the line for all who brought us the victories, and participated as well. This country has too much to offer!

Let us collaborate…grow together…celebrate together…let us change the scarcity mentality theory that has been part and parcel of who we claim to be…. than who we actually are…It is brand perception versus its actual value….there is simply enough for all of us if we got rid of the greed gene.

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